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About AMPS

As a school, we are totally committed to honoring the trust placed in us by parents to educate their children. We have a huge responsibility to provide the best all-round education possible and we embrace the unique opportunity we have been given to create a brand new school, without the inherent hindrance and compromise of having to modify a previous establishment. We will draw on the talents and creativity of our experienced staff to develop a very special environment in which every child can flourish.


School should be fun and happy children learn faster. Happy children feel safe and develop confidence; trusting those around them as communally and individually they explore new and exciting opportunities every day. We aim to promote the development of individual personality and ensure all our children feel valued and appreciated.


Our school provides an English-based curriculum, further enhanced by the teaching of Arabic as per the requirements of the Ministry of Education. As we develop and evolve we will consistently incorporate relevant innovations and new opportunities in order to ensure our children benefit from the best of international pedagogical practices.

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