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The School Day

The start of the working day is crucial in establishing the various routines in each classroom. The responsibility of managing the classrooms belongs to the teaching staff. A calm and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom at the start of the day helps to establish their relationship with the children which is vital to the child’s experience at school.

KG1 & KG2 [2021-2022]

Doors open at 7.15

Lessons start at 7.30

Lessons finish at 13.15

Years 1, 2, 3 [2021-2022]

Doors open at 7.15

Lessons start at 7.45

Lessons finish at 14.15

We ask therefore that parents say goodbye to their children outside the appropriate entrance.

Messages for teachers should be left at Reception from where they will be passed on.

In the case of arriving late at school please bring your child to Reception where they can be registered. They will then be taken individually to their respective classroom.

Parents wishing to speak to teachers should make an appointment at Reception. Teachers will be available for appointments after their teaching day finishes.



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